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It’s been more than a year since I wrote my last blog and in that time I was very ill and started up a new blog to document my journey: I stayed in England for a whole year and ate a lot of good food while I was there. Unfortunately I put on three stone! This was also a side effect of the medication that I was on. Now I’m med free and back in Krabi, I’m trying to eat healthily again. Yesterday I enjoyed some great noodle soup at a place called ‘Gwung’ on Uttarakit Road (the same road as Krabi Hospital). The sign is in Thai but there is a picture of it below. If you are interested in finding it, look for Koncept furniture store – it is right next door. There are four choices of noodles to have with the soup. I chose skinny noodles and Tam chose fat ones. It is a seafood soup with squid, jellyfish (yum!) and some ‘fish cake’ which is basically processed fish which I’m not too big a fan of but the pasta type one was very good, if a little sweet. The squid was brown rather than white which was unusual but tasted fine. The jellyfish was the best bit! I’ve never eaten it before and can say that I would rather find it swimming in my soup bowl than swimming up beside me in the sea! The soup is peppered with chopped phak bung (morning glory) and is fun to eat with the chop sticks. There are bags of crispy dried fish on the table which you can choose to dunk in your soup like croutons. A red sauce flavours the soup and is subtly sweet and spicy, so good to wash down with Chao Manao (Tea with lemon). A great (and cheap!) place to go for lunch.

GwungYen Taforchao manao

breakfast 2breakfast

I was incredibly fortunate to be invited to ‘bi teow’ (go on a jolly) with the lovely P-Na and her friends last Sunday. Our group set off by mini-van at 8am to Phangna province which is about 60km away from Krabi. At 9am we stopped in the luscious countryside of Ao Luk to have breakfast. Thai people are serious about their food and breakfast is no exception! I had only just eaten my toast an hour ago and now we were sitting down to a banquet of no less than ten dishes! I was encouraged to try the ‘moo ta kai’ which is fried pork with lemongrass and also the ‘palor’ egg and pork which was delicious and sweet. I tried a little of everything, the stuffed omelette was particularly good and I’m always happy to get some veggies into my diet! I was intrigued to see the small bean ‘satin’ which looks a lot like the bigger curly bean, ‘sator’ but the flavor is not quite as potent! The small round ‘makeur’ or eggplant is one of many kinds of aubergine found in Thailand. It is often used in green curry. I am not a big fan as I find it rather bland but during this meal I learnt an interesting fact; the health benefits of this vegetable being in a curry are that it absorbs the fat and cholesterol, taking it away from your body so that you don’t have to!

Mo Maitour

We carried on with our journey and got to Phanga at 10am. We then took a boat to the magical floating village of Koh Panyee, but not before a fun tour of the magnificent mangroves and cave adventure! At 12pm we sat down to have lunch in the floating restaurant. We ate the freshest seafood, including humongous prawns; raw and cooked! Crispy fried fish, fried vegetables and a very spicy tom yung gung soup. The village is home to 360 families and has a school and a mosque. After lunch, we perused the shops which have an extensive range of beautiful and affordable pearl jewellery. The cloudy weather was perfect for the tour; not too hot and the little bit of rain was very refreshing. After shopping we got back on the boat to relax with a full tummy and a happy heart. Feeling good; sabai sabai!


Koh Panyee



farmers omelette pad kapow tuna pizza

I eat bread every day at home and am very lucky to live so close to the fabulous Maharat Bakery, which is run by a Dutch-Thai family and makes the best bread that I have tried in Thailand.  There is a variety of breads and I am enjoying the rye bread right now. With a superb mix of Thai and Western food on the menu, I decided it would make a great little spot for lunch with my visiting family. I was in need of some rice so I went for the tuna pad kapow. This dish is usually made from minced pork and is fried with basil and chilli. The tuna version is simply wonderful! Just the right amount of spiciness and served with a healthy mix of brown and white rice. It is quite popular to have a fried egg with this dish but I just opted for a side of dragon fruit soda. Yes, that beautiful bright purple colour is all natural! So refreshing as well. My niece, Drew decided that she wanted a Hawaiian pizza, which I have never tried before, and she loved it! I ate the cold leftovers later on and it was still good. My sister, Ellie chose the farmer’s omelette on toast which is a Dutch speciality and filled with all sorts of tasty morsels such as onion, corn and bacon. That was also a big hit. Ellie had a banana shake which was delicious and Drew had the chocolate shake which is served with a big scoop of cream and looked incredible (she wouldn’t let me try any). I managed to refrain myself from ordering the dark chocolate meringue pie, which is simply delectable! Maybe next time…