It’s been more than a year since I wrote my last blog and in that time I was very ill and started up a new blog to document my journey: I stayed in England for a whole year and ate a lot of good food while I was there. Unfortunately I put on three stone! This was also a side effect of the medication that I was on. Now I’m med free and back in Krabi, I’m trying to eat healthily again. Yesterday I enjoyed some great noodle soup at a place called ‘Gwung’ on Uttarakit Road (the same road as Krabi Hospital). The sign is in Thai but there is a picture of it below. If you are interested in finding it, look for Koncept furniture store – it is right next door. There are four choices of noodles to have with the soup. I chose skinny noodles and Tam chose fat ones. It is a seafood soup with squid, jellyfish (yum!) and some ‘fish cake’ which is basically processed fish which I’m not too big a fan of but the pasta type one was very good, if a little sweet. The squid was brown rather than white which was unusual but tasted fine. The jellyfish was the best bit! I’ve never eaten it before and can say that I would rather find it swimming in my soup bowl than swimming up beside me in the sea! The soup is peppered with chopped phak bung (morning glory) and is fun to eat with the chop sticks. There are bags of crispy dried fish on the table which you can choose to dunk in your soup like croutons. A red sauce flavours the soup and is subtly sweet and spicy, so good to wash down with Chao Manao (Tea with lemon). A great (and cheap!) place to go for lunch.

GwungYen Taforchao manao